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Articles tagged with: defect

New Bug Found On Latest iOS 4.3.2 Release

Just two days after Apple’s launch of iOS 4.3.2, a release designed to fix bugs in the 4.3.1 edition, we already found a new bug in the operating system! I can’t imagine the frustration of this iPhone 4 user when he said, “I updated my iPhone 4 to iOS 4.3.2 but this resulted in being asked to restore my iPhone to factory settings due to a problem. The update seems to have worked and have regained everything I lost after syncing my phone. The problem now is that my iPhone won’t charge, either by power socket or by USB via my MacBook. The MacBook doesn’t seem to recognise the charging cable (the official one that came with the iPhone) and I was sometimes getting on screen messages saying such when trying to charge the iPhone. The iPhone now has no charge at all so I am completely lost…”