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Articles tagged with: district court

Oracle Sues Google For Android Ad Revenue

Oracle Corporation has slammed a case against Google, in attempts of snagging a large portion of Google’s ad revenue through Android’s mobile operating system. Oracle reasons that Google’s Android stole seven of the former’s Java patents, and in a way, they’re seeking damages.

Oracle expert, Lain Cockburn, presents the case. Google denied the allegations in a filing made Monday through the U.S. District Court in the Northern District of California, stating that Cockburn’s statements are unreliable and misleading.

Racial Discrimination At NYC Apple Store

A lawsuit was filed against Apple by two customers on the Upper West Side store in New York City. The incident happened when two African American men walked into an Apple store. Brian Johnston, 34, and his friend Charles, 25, claimed that they entered the Broadway Apple store on December 9th 2010 around 3:20pm.

The two men claim that a 6″2′, 255lb Apple employee had invaded their personal space and started to intimidate them. The employee stated “You know the deal. You know the deal.”