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Articles tagged with: downtime

Office 365 Already Receiving Problems

Since the recent transition to Office 365, Microsoft has stated that the service has had tough times providing access for its small business users. Product manager Steve Brown wrote in a blog, “This past week some Office Live Small Business customers may have experienced intermittent access to their accounts and Web sites…The issue has been resolved and the service is now functioning normally. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.”

Where Did My Gmail Go?

For about 30 hours starting Sunday, some Google email users worst nightmares came true. How could all of their email just disappear? It also affected everything in outboxes and archives. Everything. Gone. Originally estimated to affect 0.29% of all Gmail users (still a significant number in real terms), then downgraded to 0.08%, Google’s latest estimates at the time of this writing is 0.02%, or just under 40,000 users. Of that number, a third should already have full access restored. The delay appears to be the result of restoration from offline tapes, a painstaking but ultimately wise offsite solution.