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Articles tagged with: EA games

Protecting Content Made Us Hacker’s Target : SONY

Sony has been under fire since hackers in April accessed personal information on 77 million PlayStation Network and Qriocity accounts, 90 percent of which are users in North America or Europe.

Sony said at the time credit card information may have been stolen, sparking lawsuits and casting a shadow over its plans to combine content and hardware products via online services.

EA Offers $1 Billion To Game Maker, PopCap

According to reports, Electronic Arts is looking to purchase the popular game maker, PopCap. If the deal goes through, it could be one of the biggest in EA’s history.

PopCap Games was founded in 2000 and currently generates about $100 million in revenue each year, housing 400 employees in the organization.

Popcap has produced many successful games for PC, Mac, Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation, Android, and iOS and usually sticks with basic 2-D games like Bejeweled and Plants versus Zombies.

EA’s Fumble: Disabling Access To Purchased Games

In a recent forum banning of gamer, Tom Landry, EA took it to the next level when they disabled Tom’s ability to activate a single-player game, Dragon Age II from BioWare, a game he had recently purchased. The guy was banned from the forums for saying “Have you sold your souls to the EA devil?” While any normal internet user would think this a pretty mild statement, especially on the internet, EA took it to the next level. In a relevant discussion thread, an EA company representative noted…