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Articles tagged with: eddy

iPad 2 Used to Shoot Music Video

By now, you know that the iPad 2 has video capturing capabilities. This has been put to use in the music video for the song “Need” by the band Eddy, a remarkable piece considering the equipment used to film it. The video was shot entirely using 4 iPad 2s, and produced by Remedy Films.

They used the iPads like professional cameras, and attached 3 to either steadicam and handheld rigs. The fourth was held by the lead singer and can be seen in the video. Although they are a professional production company, they decided to shoot in a dark environment without sophisticated lights, to create a party, night-life atmosphere. The shooting session took 5 hours, and editing took 12. The entirety of the video completed within 20 hours of picking up iPad 2s last Friday.