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Articles tagged with: entertainment system

Libratone’s Airplay Is Now Compatible W/ iOS

Libratone an audio company released its ultra-sleek and eye catching wireless speakers for Home. The product might be a little expensive starting from $600 for the tower and around $1100 for the Lounge soundbar.

Is spending that many greens worth it? Last year the company produced rather disappointing results which lacked compatibility with most of our operating systems.

Upgrade Your Entertainment System For $200

AMEX Digital has just introduced an awesome new HD media player that runs the Android operating system and ships with a clean 500GB hard drive. Named the MP-G7, it runs on a dual core ARM Cortex processor and has Full HD accelerator graphics.

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your home entertainment system that you purchased new in the 90s, this may be your opportunity to do so! The device lets you browse the web, play basic games, and gives you the option to enjoy your apps right by your big screen TV.

Apple LCD TV Displays Coming This Year?

A former Apple executive has claimed that the company’s biggest upcoming product launch will be related to Apple TV displays. Obviously, we haven’t heard anything official from Apple on this yet, but I believe it would be a clever way for Apple to go after more market share in the tech industry.

Although some speculate that Apple will be teaming up with Samsung to provide the physical televisions (rebranded as Apple sets), I find the partnership a bit less likely considering the aggressive lawsuits that have been going on back and forth between the two.