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7.5M Facebook Users Are Under 13 Years Old

Consumers who want to join Facebook must be at least 13 years old according to Facebook’s terms of service. Contrary to this fact, a new report has surfaced in Consumer Reports that claims that out of 20 million users under 18, 7.5 million of them are younger than 13 and 5 million are younger than ten years old.

Facebook issued a statement immediately before the release of the report stating that it is virtually impossible to ensure the true ages of people who sign up for Facebook. Facebook took the opportunity to state that…

New Twitter Worm On The Loose!

Social media enthusiasts beware, there is a new Twitter worm on the loose and it is looking to infect you! The new worm has already spread quickly this morning by pretending to tell users who has “unfollowed” them. Quite genius if you think about about how wrapped up some of us are with ourselves.

The Twitter app first gains access to the user’s account by using Twitter’s standard authentication mechanism. The worm then attaches terms to every trending tweet on Twitter, making sure that the messages get seen by a wider audience. Graham Cluley from Sophos Security took a closer look at the mechanism of the worm. He found that the worm brings up an online survey that pretends to offer users the chance to win a free iPad 2 or Gucci shopping spree, instead of telling users who unfollowed them.

Tesla Sues Top Gear For False Claim

Tesla is suing Top Gear over a “false claim” made during a 2008 show. The lawsuit against the BBC network is for libel and “malicious falsehood”, claiming that Top Gear created a false portrayal of the “performance if its all-electric Roadster sports car.” Of the many ways Top Gear misrepresented the sports car, the primary problem against BBC’s top show is that the roadster can travel 200+ miles, rather than the…