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Articles tagged with: form-factor

Samsung Rolls Out Dual-Platter 1TB HDD

Samsung has recently introduced a new 1TB hard drive in a 2.5″ form-factor. Now, there are already quite a few of these capacity hard drives in a similar form factor, but Samsung is the first to do it a 9mm, as opposed to the usual 12.5mm design.

The extra-thin hard drive platters allow for a more efficient two platter design instead of 3, allowing Samsung to do more with less space. If the computer manufacturer decided to go with a larger hard drive, it could have enabled a much larger capacity on the drive.

RamSan-70, An Affordable SSD

TMS (Texas Memory Systems) has announced this week its fastest flash memory card, called the RamSan-70. The RamSan-70 is a PCIe card that is about half the size of previous models while 3x faster. The memory card comes from 450GB to 900GB modules and features Toshiba’s latest 32nm single-level cell NAND flash chips, offering a 20% reduction in price per GB compared to previous models.

Users will be able to get the power of a solid-state drive in a “graphics card-like” form-factor, allowing for plug-n-play operation.

HP Veer Couples With AT&T For May 15th

HP has recently announced that its newest WebOS phone, the Veer 4G will launch on May 15th over the AT&T network. The Veer was originally announced in February as a newly designed WebOS device. It features a small form-factor, and is no larger than a credit card in length. The phone has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and is handled on a 2.57-inch 400 x 320 pixel touchscreen.

The Veer has 8GB of built-in storage although no microSD slot for expansion.