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Articles tagged with: frequency

Wifi With 45 Miles Of Range, Pure Bliss

It feels really bad when you are having an important conversation on Skype and you go to check whose at the door and eventually your call terminates because you have walked out of your WiFi range.

Hopefully this won’t happen anymore because engineers at On-Ramp Wireless have succeeded in engineering a transmitter capable of transmitting WIFI signals up to 45 Miles.

Cisco Brings High Speed WiFi To Stadiums

Cisco has just announced a new WiFi access point and stadium antenna that covers smaller areas, perfect for use in arenas to give consumers improved access and wireless speeds. Research shows that although people don’t pull a lot of web data when they are, say, watching ‘the big game’, they transmit a heck of a lot of data to the outside world.

This says a lot about the needs of human interaction and remaining part of our social networks even when our friends cannot join us for a day out, watching the ball game.

Meet The Samsung Conquer 4G From Sprint

Conquer your phone without conquering your wallet, and do so with Samsung’s new Conquer 4G from Sprint. The Android Gingerbread smartphone features a beautiful 3.5″ HVGA capacitive touchscreen that gives you just enough screen real-estate without it being overbearing (unlike those larger 4.3″ models).

The device carries a fast 1GHz processor and has a 3.2MP rear-camera to take some basic snaps of your friends and family. The 1.3MP front facing camera lets you stay in touch through voice conferencing.

Infinera’s Digital Optical Network: First To Use WDM

Infinera was founded on the idea of bringing the benefits of digital networking to consumers worldwide. Being a company of many firsts, Infinera’s Digital Optical Network is the first switched WDM (wavelength-division multiplexing) system. WDM is a technology that splices a number of optical carrier signals using different wavelengths from a single source. Through a single strand of fiber, signals are multiplied and channeled, largely reducing the need for cable management.

Hop On Verizon’s Fast 4G LTE Network

Verizon’s Wireless 4G LTE network is relatively new, receiving a fresh start just six months ago, the network is still quite fast for those just starting out with Verizon. If you’re looking to join the fun, I recommend checking out the Novatel Wireless E362 as an exceptional internal LTE modem.

If your laptop isn’t already equipped with a WiFi card, or even if it is, you’ll still be able to upgrade to Verizon’s speedy 4G LTE by popping this bad boy in.

Nvidia Rolls Out Powerhouse M2090 GPU

Nvidia announced today its new Tesla M2090 graphics processor, which the company calls the world’s fastest parallel processor for the high performance computing. The graphics processing unit has a whopping 512 processing cores, compared to the usual 240-cores offered on graphics cards. Even Nvidia’s top model, the Tesla M2070 has 448 cores, making this upgrade 30% faster than its predecessor.

The M2090 can deliver a stunning performance of 1330 gigaflops. Of course, the M2090 is targeted for high performance computers since each core operates at a 1.3GHz frequency, compared to 1.15GHz core speed of M2070.