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Articles tagged with: G2

Panasonic Lumix G3 Comes Out Today

Panasonic will officially reveal its G3 Micro Four Thirds camera today. The camera is expected to be 25% smaller and get a 15.8MP sensor. The camera will feature an ultra-fast autofocus and have a maximum sensitivity of ISO 6400; we are not yet sure if this will get the improved light performance of the GH2. The camera is expected to record beautiful 1080p video and manage continuous 4FPS for action photos.

Apple Prepping For The iPhone 6 Already?

According to The Tech Journal, Apple is already getting ready to manufacture LCD screens for the iPhone 6. The screens will be made in Kemeyama Plant No. 1 in Japan, in an LCD TV factory. The screens will be produced through a low-temperature process that makes use of poly-silicon LCD screens, allowing for a thinner and lighter design for iPhone 6 in 2012. Why Apple is preparing for a product two generations in advance, I do not know.

The All New HTC ThunderBolt With LTE

The launching of HTC’s new smartphone, ThunderBolt, had some solid sales on release day, but it hasn’t grabbed everyone’s attention just yet. Many are concerned about Verizons’ LTE(Long Term Evolution) effects on the battery life of the mobile device it runs on.

The phone boasts a 6.3 hour usage time and a 330 hour standby time, but…