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Articles tagged with: G2X

T-Mobile G2x Upgrade:Baking The GingerBread

You thought T-Mobile’s G2x was the next best thing? Well, T-Mobile is taking it up a notch by announcing that starting today they will take out the Android gingerbread for a snack. According to some reviews G2x was a gem of a phone and gingerbread will give it an extra edge over its competitors.

The word in town is that G2x is captivating a limited number of users right now, but the majority will be able to get their hands on the technology by the end of week.

Apple Prepping For The iPhone 6 Already?

According to The Tech Journal, Apple is already getting ready to manufacture LCD screens for the iPhone 6. The screens will be made in Kemeyama Plant No. 1 in Japan, in an LCD TV factory. The screens will be produced through a low-temperature process that makes use of poly-silicon LCD screens, allowing for a thinner and lighter design for iPhone 6 in 2012. Why Apple is preparing for a product two generations in advance, I do not know.