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Articles tagged with: google technology

Paypal Sues Google For Stolen Trade Secrets

Google announced their new mobile payment system, based on NFC technologies that allows cellphone users to tap their phone to pay for things. People call it a mobile e-wallet because you no longer have to whip out your wallet, unfold it, and look for the appropriate tender. Instead, users just need to tap their phone to a mobile e-reader and the credit card is charged automatically. It’s faster, more efficient, and more fun to use.

Sounds like a dream come true, right? Well it looks like Paypal isn’t too happy about Google’s big announcement as they are filing a lawsuit against Google in California Superior Court. Claiming that a former PayPal exec (and now Google employee) leaked certain trade secrets.

Google Tells Users To Use Outdated Browsers

Google told Chrome users earlier in the week to switch to outdated versions of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox if they want to access Gmail when they are not connected to the web. On Tuesday, Google dropped offline support for Chrome, IE9, Firefox 4, Safari, and Opera. What’s the big reason? Google’s conversion to HTML5 this summer.

Google currently uses an old plug-in called Gears and the company feels it is time to keep up with technology (especially considering they are a seen as a founding father of technology). The current version of Chrome 11 is considered stable and doesn’t run Gmail in offline mode either.

Google Uses Sea Water For Data Center Cooling

If Google hasn’t spent enough on renewable technologies yet, get this, Google will be using sea water to cool its new data center in Finland. Redefining the meaning of water cooling is no inexpensive feat, and will cost Google about $260 million, bringing Google’s investments in renewable resources to over half a billion dollars.

The Finland data center was previously used as a paper mill before it was bought by Google in 2009 and will be used to fuel a large part of Google’s cloud computing division. As a computer geek myself, I have to say that this is extremely impressive and I am glad that Google is being the first to try it out.