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Articles tagged with: google voice

Sprint *Sprints To Catch Up With Competition

So AT&T swallowed T-Mobile, now what? Sprint has announced that they will be brining Google Voice on all of their CDMA phones(preloaded as an application). Google’s new Nexus S 4G will be among those to sport it. Sprint makes it clear that users who want to run their calls, text messages and voicemail can do it through the very affordable Google Voice and can sign up for the service…

Actual Home Phone Service Using Google Voice – gHome

Who uses wire land lines for phone service with expensive long distance charges? Not many, but if you do, here is yet another reason to get rid of those old antiquated phones.

TelTub is offering a new service called gHome that turns your free Google Voice account into home phone service. The service works similar to Vonage VoIP but it’s a lot cheaper since it only costs $5/month, with the first month free.