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Articles tagged with: Google

Google Uses Sea Water For Data Center Cooling

If Google hasn’t spent enough on renewable technologies yet, get this, Google will be using sea water to cool its new data center in Finland. Redefining the meaning of water cooling is no inexpensive feat, and will cost Google about $260 million, bringing Google’s investments in renewable resources to over half a billion dollars.

The Finland data center was previously used as a paper mill before it was bought by Google in 2009 and will be used to fuel a large part of Google’s cloud computing division. As a computer geek myself, I have to say that this is extremely impressive and I am glad that Google is being the first to try it out.

Brokers Are Now Using Social Media

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney is the first and one of the largest U.S. retail brokerage, to allow its brokers to use Twitter and LinkedIn.

Next month, a test group of 600 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney advisers will be allowed to use LinkedIn,Twitter, and start some blogging services. In six months the group is going to expand to almost 2,000.
“The emergence of social media has changed the way in which people communicate with each other and companies interact with clients,” Morgan Stanley Smith Barney U.S. wealth management boss Andy Saperstein said in the memo.

Google’s Ad’s Become More Tablet Efficient

The AdMob , which is a deal to aquire mobile apps, has been around for almost a year now. The Company has made 3.5 more daily requests than it did a year ago.AdMob has decided to celebrates its one year of business they are going to make three amazing improvements.

The first improvement they are going to make is the formating of ads on tablets. AdMob is going to have 360 degree images and videos are going to be more interactive.

Excellent Note-Clipping Chrome Extension

A social note-taking system called Evernote has just released a new and improved version of its extension for Google’s Chrome browser. The update calls for a new look, gives users better note-clipping, and grants the ability to search the web and Evernote simultaneously.

With the Evernote Chrome Extension, users can click to save content on the web and even select entire bodies of blog posts or articles without highlighting, since highlighting is such a chore! The new feature is called Article Clips and is intended to make it easier for users to snip their favorite content to Evernote, and for some, promote plagiarism.

Acer Coming Out W/ 10″ Oak Trail Tablet

Acer is expected to launch a 10-inch Android Honeycomb tablet with the new Intel Oak Trail processor, scheduled for July. Acer has been known to be a company of many ‘firsts’, launching one of the first Android-based netbooks back in 2009, it was of no surprise to see the company adopt the Chrome operating system for its notebooks.

After hearing earlier about the Windows 8 scheduled release next year, we wonder what Acer might have in store (pun intended) for us then.

Google Buys Tech Startup, Sparkbuy

A Seattle startup named Sparkbuy has just announced that it has been swallowed up by Google. The purchase comes just one month after Dan Shapiro started the company which had an online service allowing users to compare prices and features of various electronics gadgets. This is the second company Dan Shapiro has sold or merged in the past 18 months.

It is quite common for well known companies to swallow startups, usually more so for the human capital than any products built. As part of the deal however, Google will be shutting down Sparkbuy’s service.

Pizza Hut App Now Available On Android And iPad

In September of 2009, Pizza Hut launched a specialized app for the iPhone that generated a massive $1 million in sales within the first two months of launch. It took them a few years, but the pizza chain has finally brought the app to the likes of Android and iPad users. If you’re hungry, now’s the time to visit the Android Marketplace and make your download. New features included in the new apps include:

Have You Seen A Hexapod?

This is by far the coolest robot I have ever seen. While your typical robot resembles a human or has human-like features, this robot is quite different. One can call it a six-legged spider, but instead of having pincers by its mouth, it has a camera (what a nice change!). The robot was designed by Matt Bunting, a PhD student at the University of Arizona who is studying electrical engineering.

Matt created his hexapod using 21 motors, the aforementioned webcam, and created the device for a grad school project.

Meet The First Google Chrome Desktop

By now, most of you have heard about Google Chrome and its debut as a chromebook. Google Chrome is an operating system that is cloud-based, meaning that all your data and files are stored on the Internet, in a database. Since Google realized that most people mainly use the internet with their computers, they designed an entire operating system around the Google Chrome web browser, and you get Chrome OS. Chrome OS is an open-source project (anyone can edit) and was originally called Chromium.

Mac Calendar Apps Face-Off

Let’s compare two calendar apps that do similarly the same thing. Fantastical is a fresh new app while Today has functions that have been around for the last few years. Both of the apps do the same tasks, but differently.
Fantastical is in your Mac’s menu bar and features a small window that can be invoked with a click or a custom key combination. It accepts natural language and supports iCal, Google, Yahoo! and Outlook calendars and offers some animations. Color-coding allows for informative, at a glance review …