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Articles tagged with: Google

REPORT: GOOGLE to Pay $10 Million for fflick, the Movie Recommendation Site

Google plans to buy fflick, a Twitter-based movie recommendation service, for about $10 million.

Created by four former Digg employees last year, the site uses Twitter-based chatter about movies and it shows users what people are saying about movies. The site also analyzes the Twitter buzz and assigns a score to each movie. Green Hornet a new release, for instance, the was assigned a rating of 81% based on 66,307 tweets.

In a blog post on December 30, fflick said it had 10 million users.

$150 Million Ad Revenue Estimated for Twitter in 2011

In April 2010, Twitter introduced Ad sales and now estimates by Emarkerter Inc, indicate that it will likely hit $150 million this year as more companies use it to do PR and spread marketing messages. Emarketer also predicts that Twitter may reach $250 million in ad revenue by 2012.

Twitter, which is now valued at $3.7 billion after several funding rounds, has more than 175 million users globally and competes for advertising with Google and Facebook. However, according reports only 8% of web users currently use Twitter. Yet to generate more ad sales, analysts predict that Twitter will need to unveil a self-service ad platform that doesn’t require contact with sales people, similar to the one Google and Facebook currently use. The service should make it easier for anyone to market their services and products on Twitter.

$100 Million for Google’s CEO as He Steps Down

Google recently announced that Eric Schmidt will step down as CEO so co-founder Larry Page can take his place on April 4th. On Saturday Poornima Gupta, a spokeswoman for Google, said that it was awarding Mr. Schmidt with a $100 million equity which includes stock and stock options to vest after four years.

This is the first award offered to Schmidt since joining Google in 2001 as board chairman. Schmidt will become executive chairman of Google and will focus on external affairs including deals, partnerships and government outreach.

Google Offers, The Groupon Clone is Coming Soon

Google confirmed that it will be offering a service called “Google Offers,” designed to compete directly with the popular social buying site Groupon, which it could not buy. Google Offers is a new product to help potential customers find great deals in their area through a daily email. This is exactly how Groupon or LivingSocial operate, users receive an e-mail with a local deal of the day for their city and they have the opportunity to buy that deal within a time limit (typically 24hours). Once enough people purchase deal (or in Google case, the offer), the Google Offer is triggered and users get that all-too-familiar $10 for $20 deal.

Google to Replace Eric Schmidt with Larry Page as CEO

Google just announced some management changes and it will replace Eric Schmidt with Larry Page. Starting from April 4, Larry Page, Google Co-Founder, will take charge of Google’s day-to-day operations as Chief Executive Officer. Sergey Brin, Google Co-Founder, will devote his energy to strategic projects, in particular working on new products. Eric Schmidt will assume the role of Executive Chairman, focusing externally on deals, partnerships, customers and broader business relationships, government outreach and technology thought leadership–all of which are increasingly important given Google’s global reach. Internally, he will continue to act as an advisor to Larry and Sergey.