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Articles tagged with: graphical

Sony Reveals Smart AR Technology

Sony has just revealed its new SmartAR technology that allows a device to recognize an object, even within a 2D object such as a poster, and animate it. Sony’s prototype will animate the creature and allow the user to manipulate the item by touching the screen directly. While this technology is in the infant stage, this will bring collaboration to whole new levels. Imagine designing a prototype on paper and showing a 3D version of it to colleagues.

Toshiba Rolls Out Powerful Qosmio X770

Toshiba is about to release a new gaming notebook called the Qosmio X770, with a 3D version utilizing Nvidia’s 3D technology. The X770 has a 17.3-inch 1920 x 1080 Full HD display and features an Intel 2.0GHz Core i7 with a 2.9GHz Turbo Boost overclock. The gaming laptop also features a dual HDD and SSD model, and I’m guessing the SSD will serve as a primary.

The gaming laptop packs a total of 1.25 terabytes of storage and comes with a Blu-ray drive to enjoy your latest Blu-ray purchases.

Nvidia Rolls Out Powerhouse M2090 GPU

Nvidia announced today its new Tesla M2090 graphics processor, which the company calls the world’s fastest parallel processor for the high performance computing. The graphics processing unit has a whopping 512 processing cores, compared to the usual 240-cores offered on graphics cards. Even Nvidia’s top model, the Tesla M2070 has 448 cores, making this upgrade 30% faster than its predecessor.

The M2090 can deliver a stunning performance of 1330 gigaflops. Of course, the M2090 is targeted for high performance computers since each core operates at a 1.3GHz frequency, compared to 1.15GHz core speed of M2070.

Full HD On A 4.8″ Screen- Check It Out

Samsung and LG are working in consortium to pack extra pixels into tablet-sized screens for a very high-density pixel ratio. Last year, Ortus Technologies demonstrated a 4.8-inch Full HD LCD that was able to manage a 1920 x 1080 458ppi into a panel that provided images far sharper than iPhone 4’s Retina Display. Ortus Technologies is back to show us the upgraded display in 3D.

The new display uses an Arisawa Xpol polarizer film that splits the image into a set of left eye images and a set of right eye images. The viewer gives up some vertical resolution in exchange…