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Articles tagged with: Hoax

Facebook Hoax Spreading Like Wildfire

Unfortunately, some people take advantage of hacking frenzies like the ones we’ve been facing, to create hoax threats and scares because they know that contextual cues will help the hoax be believable.

It doesn’t help that the media preys on fear of its viewers, because fear sells. People innately seek to be fearful of something because it has been beneficial to the survival of our ancestors, and thus, we carry the same trait.

Insane Baby Yoga Video is No Hoax

Russian yoga instructor Lena Fokina and a video of her “baby yoga” routine has gone viral and it is making many American cringe in horror. The video show Fokina taking a 2-week-old infant through exercises she calls “dynamic gymnastics.” but at times it looks like the baby’s arms and legs are about to be torn off. It’s insane and some thought it was just a hoax but apparently is a real video.