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Articles tagged with: ipad app

App Lets You Read Books To Your Kids Remotely

Despite the recent low blow strategy to boost up sales, we cannot deny that Apple is still a key player in the tech world. To take it one step further, they still have innovative software for consumers to use, and the apps that run on their devices are no exception.

Ustwo has released a revolutionary app that truly welcomes human-computer interaction Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime (catchy, isn’t it?). Not only does it allow you to read to your child, remotely, but it gives that extra dimension of magic that a story brings to a child.

The Daily Crashes Daily For Some Users

The Daily is supposed to be a neat app for the iPad, with its daily news updates and low-priced subscription fee. However, it’s obvious that the application was rushed to market as a lot of users suffered from instability, slow loading and crashes. So, in the way that the online world just clicks on different links for similar content, news junkies sought their fix elsewhere.

Developers of The Daily scrambled to post a fix, claiming that the revised app was faster and more stable. Early adopters of the fix did find that the app was faster – to crash.

Blank screens, erratic page loading, missing pictures and other irritants greet users of this “fix”. Page load time also remained at more than half a minute, so we don’t know what kind of fix was done to the code. The developers should reconsider a complete rewrite for this app if they want to keep whatever loyal users they have left.