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Articles tagged with: Issues

Apple’s Cloud Music Platform, Coming Soon!

Apple sources have recently reported that it will soon release an online music storage cloud-based service. The launch is expected to arrive before Google’s version of cloud-based solutions. With Apple’s new online storage system, iTunes users will be able to store music on a remote server while given the rights to access their songs from different devices. Although Apple hasn’t yet signed any licenses with record labels regarding this service, many are eager to begin the talks.

Motorola Investigating Issues With Atrix

Some Motorola Atrix users have recently reported audio issues with their new smartphone. They mentioned that their voices sounded “mute” to their recipient callers. A Motorola employee and forum manager, Mark, replied with “We’ve been looking into it for some time however we’ve only recently gotten phones back from customers.” Mark requested additional feedback from customers to better pinpoint what the issue could be.

Squaring It Off – VeriFone Tackles Mobile Payment Square

In an open letter to consumer and the credit card industry, VeriFone claims that Square, a startup that makes credit card readers for smart phones, is plagued by a “serious security flaw” that puts users’ data at risk.

According to VeriFone, the problem is not with the application but rather with the dongle that connects to the devices. This dongle reads credit card information off the magnetic strip and transfers it to the device unencrypted in clear text, allowing anyone to write a bogus skimming application to quickly collect all information from credit cards. This collected information could then be used to make purchases with your credit card via the web or through various merchants across the world.

The Big Red Internet Shutdown Switch

In unprecedented action in Internet history, we’re currently seeing how a country like Egypt has pulled the plug on the Internet to silence its people. They are preventing its citizens from taking to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (by blocking all routes) to share information about how the whole country is erupting in violence. It’s similar to what other countries like China, Tunisia and Iran have done in the past for censorship and now its coming to the land of the free, America.

A controversial bill giving US presidents power over privately owned computer systems during a “national cyber-emergency” and prohibiting any review by the court system is now circulating.