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Articles tagged with: key

Attention Fans Of ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’

STAR WARS’ video game franchise has seen a number of top rated games as well as some flunks but it never loses the wind of excitement.

Video gamers love this franchise. The latest attraction is the widely anticipated upcoming MMORPG of the franchise abbreviated as SWTOR which is likely to boost a lot of energy in the gaming circles.

Kingston’s Ultra Secure DataTraveler 4000-M Managed

Kingston has been known to be one of the best memory modules out in the market. Although they do not offer the cheapest prices, they offer quality that lasts a lifetime and I always choose Kingston whenever I have the opportunity. Kingston is well known for making both computer memory and USB drives (also called thumb drives). The company is now responsible for making government-level USB keys that are tailored for business professionals who could not risk their sensitive computer data being lost.

With the high security offered by BlockMaster, the ultra secure thumb drive is called the DataTraveler 4000-M Managed. The “Managed” refers to a “fully managed version of the company’s DataTraveler 4000 product.”

The New Mionix Zibal 60 Gaming Keyboard

Gaming “gear” has been around for a while now. The industry has a number of different manufacturers such as Logitech and Razer bringing illumination to keyboards and precision mice. This is how PC gamers reach the same level of customization and even more, than a typical console gamer.

With consoles, you can’t really customize them as you can with a PC setup. For example, you can place cold cathode lights or wrap EL Wire in the interior of the computer case. The Swedish-based company, Mionix has launched a new keyboard named the Zibal 60.