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Articles tagged with: labels

Enjoy Crackle On Your iPad, 100% Free

Sony has released the Crackle app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch this past Monday. The new application allows consumers to stream full-length movies and television shows to their respective Apple devices, for free. That’s right, users can enjoy unlimited, on demand viewing for free. The app comes as an extension of the www.crackle.com website it streams movies and television episodes at the cost of the viewer watching a couple of commercials. If you’ve already connected the dots, this service is very similar to Hulu.

Smart Labels for GMail – Automatically Sorts Bulk Emails

Google Labs released smart labels this morning, which provides the ability to sort e-mail into three different tags (categories). Essentially Smart Labels automatically redirects email into Bulk, Notifications and Forums so they never hit your inbox but instead are delivered into their respective folders.

According to Google, this is to separate personal e-mail from things such as bulk e-mail promotions and Facebook notifications that can quickly clutter your inbox.