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Articles tagged with: layout

Mozilla Plans New Operating System

There is currently a race going on between smartphones’ operating system companies Google and Apple, both leading with their Android and iOS operating systems. But guess what? Mozilla is also joining the race.

Mozilla has announced that it will be working on development of a new opeating system. This will be an open source operating system. It is code named as “Boot To Gecko” as it is powered by Gecko, a layout rendering engine. It will be a completely open source operating system unlike Android.

Google Works On Addiction To Adobe Flash

Google announced yesterday that it has added Flash support to its Instant Previews feature even though it is cautioned against using Adobe’s plugin too heavily. With support for Flash, users will be able to use a regular web browser to see a Flash-heavy, website’s animations, layout, and videos in the quick view sidebar instead of having plugin errors. The method would implement whenever a website’s details were scraped by Google’s bots but would also be turned off when the preview had to be generated on-demand.

Windows 8 Ribbon Feature (Photos Leaked!)

Thanks to some devoted members who took a screenshot of their Windows 8 test version, we are able to take a closer look at what this new Operating System will be like. According to this screenshot, Windows 8 will have ribbon menus rather than the traditional drop-down menu. This could be Microsoft’s attempt to continually evolve in effort to ditch the “old school attitude” that is often placed upon the company. Within the ribbon itself, you will find options for each menu item.