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Articles tagged with: Mac Store

Apple Might Acquire Hulu Soon

With an impressive sale of iPads, iPhones and other iDevices, Apple has generated a huge stack of money around $72.6 billion. With such a huge amount of money, the only thing which comes in mind of people is, “What are they going to do with all this money???”

They cannot just sit back and relax on this money, the only thing that a good company would do is INVEST. They might invest it on a new idea or product, or they might buy a company. Word is that they might acquire the Online Video Streaming Website ‘HULU’ and add Online Video Services to Apple customers. With just a price tag of $2 billion on Hulu, it is not such a risk for Apple

Good Technology Report Says iPad Preferred Over Android Tablets

Good Technology is an enterprise mobile stalwart. It is a large technological company which has partnership with industry leading companies including LG, HTC, Nokia, Microsoft, who support the widest range of mobile devices and applications.

Good Technology has started deploying iPhone and Android smartphones in the recent years. It can manage many devices along with other mobiles, applications and platforms. It is also capable of managing both IT-deployed devices and the devices owned by customers.

Apple Barely Keeps Up With The Demand For iPad2

Apple has just recently released iPad2 and Apple fans have rushed to the Apple Stores so unexpectedly that now Apple can barely keep up with the demand for iPad2.

Tim Cook, Chief Operating Officer at Apple said, “Sales of the iPad 2 have absolutely been a frenzy. As we stepped into July, we have been able to increase the supply further, and some SKUs in some countries are at a supply-demand balance. We believe that some people chose to buy an iPad over a Mac in the quarter, but we believe that even more people chose to bought an iPad over a Windows PC.”

40% Discount On iPad — Now Thats A Good Deal

During the iPad 2 craze, Apple and AT&T have slashed prices of the older 3G model by $100. The new discount brings down the out of reach prices of the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB down to $429, $629, and $729. These 3G iPads come equipped with wifi, so you can spend even more money buying music on your iPad, yay!

If the prices still seem high though, be ecstatic for this: AT&T has sliced another…

Sparrow Email Love

The email client Sparrow is a Gmail client for the mac that looks very similar to the Twitter interface. Its an app that makes sending and receiving email really fun. The client includes features such as drag-and-drop of attachments and multiple keyboard shortcuts. Its overall selling point is that it’s fast, light and very attractive.

The popular client and app was released in the Mac App Store this week, and its already making a big debut. Within hours of its launch, the application was on the top of the charts and received excellent reviews. The interface is one its key features and its simple design makes using allot better that just Gmail on a browser.