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Articles tagged with: macles

Acer Chrome Netbook, ZGB, In The Works

Just a few days before Google kicked off its new Chrome operating system, a screenshot leak appeared on the web of an Acer notebook with the Google OS. We know this because the keyboard displayed a layout that was different from the usual Windows setup and was optimized for Chrome OS. Analysts believed that this was the cancelled Acer ZGA netbook that was mentioned last December.

To add to this situation is that Acer and Samsung announced they’d ship the Chrome OS netbooks when the OS is ready, adding fuel to the fire. According to Acer’s insider,

Acer Updates Aspire One Lineup

Acer has rolled out a nice update to the Aspire One 521, the Aspire One 522. While the new name probably doesn’t shock you, hopefully the specs will. The 10-inch netbook features an AMD C-50 cpu running cool. In Acer’s efforts to keep consistent with their hardware refresh, they are also updating the Aspire One 721 model to 722 and will be shipping the 11.6″ netbook with a 1366 x 768 pixel resolution.

The 722 will feature the same 1Ghz processor as the new Aspire One 522 and will feature an AMD Radeon HD 6250 graphics chipset.