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Articles tagged with: media center

Let The Elan TS10 Control Your Home

Having an automated home means that you can essentially control your house with one device, it’s something that Google is currently working on to allow the Android phone make living at home, easier. While Google is doing some deep thinking on its own platform, a company called Elan has created a single touchscreen that can be integrated in either a wall or a table.

The new in-wall touchscreen is called the TS10 and will be offered to dealers beginning next month. The screen has a special touch and swipe design, along with a larger screen, that allows the user to watch TV from composite sources, as well as allow the user to view security cameras.

SiliconDust’s Cable Box Supports 3 TV Tuners

There is a new cable box in town. The new cable box comes from a company called SiliconDust that has recently landed for pre-order under the HDHomeRun Prime digital cable TV. The model number is HDHR3-CC and is guaranteed to work with all popular DVR software. The new box supports three tuners and allows you to record more shows than you can with traditional boxes.

The box will work with existing HDHomeRun units and even lets users add more as they please later down the road. The device allows full support for unencrypted digital cable and premium digital cable.

The All-In-One Keyboard, Perfect For Home Theaters

The tech company, Genius, has created a perfect keyboard to turn your desktop computer into a home media center. The QWERTY keyboard is called the LuxeMate T810 Media Cruiser and combines three devices into one. The keyboard can act as a wireless remote control, keyboard, and a mouse, all in one package! The keyboard is equipped with a dual-way wireless 2.4GHz technology that allows users to control a Home Theater PC from a distance of up to ten meters away.