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Articles tagged with: medicine

Detect Your Sodium And Glucose Levels From Your iPhone

Venus Williams will not have to worry about her oxygen levels and Lance Armstrong will not have to be careful about his Sodium Level and having the risk to dehydrate after reading this.

Professor Heather Clark, at the Northeastern University has formed a team that will create an iPhone app that will help us determine our Sodium and Glucose level in our blood stream.

Pills That Communicate With Cell Phone Apps

Robert Scoble interviewed Andrew Thompson, CEO of Proteus Biomedical, a company that makes drugs that communicate with cell phones via Bluetooth. Essentially the company develops medicine products and devices that integrate electronics, sensors, and wireless communications into pharmaceuticals like pills. It offers a monitoring system called Raisin Personal Monitor, a wireless health device for remote recording and analysis of heart rate, physical activity, body position, and patient-logged events.

When ingested, any discrete event (such as the ingestion of a specific pharmaceutical) can be recorded. However, it also records any physiologic information such as heart rate, activity, body angle and patient-logged information. The unique ingestion event and all logged information are then communicated via Bluetooth to any computerized device, such as mobile phone applications. The system is being developed as part of an integrated intelligent medicine system to track response and outcomes-based of treatments. Proteus partners are currently developing these product to treat diabetes, cardiovascular disease, psychiatric disorders, organ transplantation and infectious disease.