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Articles tagged with: Microsoft

Google’s Ad’s Become More Tablet Efficient

The AdMob , which is a deal to aquire mobile apps, has been around for almost a year now. The Company has made 3.5 more daily requests than it did a year ago.AdMob has decided to celebrates its one year of business they are going to make three amazing improvements.

The first improvement they are going to make is the formating of ads on tablets. AdMob is going to have 360 degree images and videos are going to be more interactive.

Acer Coming Out W/ 10″ Oak Trail Tablet

Acer is expected to launch a 10-inch Android Honeycomb tablet with the new Intel Oak Trail processor, scheduled for July. Acer has been known to be a company of many ‘firsts’, launching one of the first Android-based netbooks back in 2009, it was of no surprise to see the company adopt the Chrome operating system for its notebooks.

After hearing earlier about the Windows 8 scheduled release next year, we wonder what Acer might have in store (pun intended) for us then.

Official: Windows 8 Coming Next Year

Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer confirmed that Windows 8 was coming out in 2012 during his speech at the Japanese Developer Forum. Ballmer also said that tablets would be the core part of the company’s newest operating system. I guess he was bummed out last week when an Intel executive spilled the beans and took the glory of the tablet-based Windows 8.

Ballmer added that consumers should expect to hear a lot about Windows 8 (as if we hadn’t heard it enough already) and that there will be tons of Windows 8 slates, tablets, PCs, and a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Leaked: Windows 8 Tablet Coming Soon

A rumor has been noted today that at the D9 conference next week there will be a demonstration of the new Windows 8 tablet. Steven Sinosfsky, the windows group leader who was confirmed todaythat he is going to be an interviewed guest at the show as well as giving a demonstration of the new tablet.
This is going to be the first public display of the tablet.

Toyota Working On ‘Toyota Friend’ Social Network

Toyota is creating a social networking service with the help of an American ISP and Microsoft in an initiative aimed to get drivers to interact with their cars, much like they do with Facebook and Twitter. Japanese auto-maker Toyota is teaming up with Salesforce.com to launch a new social network called “Toyota Friend”, the network is aimed to work similar to Twitter.

In a Tokyo demo-room, an owner of a plug-in Prius discovered from his Prius that he should remember to recharge the car overnight.

Pizza Hut App Now Available On Android And iPad

In September of 2009, Pizza Hut launched a specialized app for the iPhone that generated a massive $1 million in sales within the first two months of launch. It took them a few years, but the pizza chain has finally brought the app to the likes of Android and iPad users. If you’re hungry, now’s the time to visit the Android Marketplace and make your download. New features included in the new apps include:

Facebook Starts Using PhotoDNA

Facebook will be the first company other than Microsoft to use Microsoft’s PhotoDNA technology (a system that has greatly helped the fight against child pornography). PhotoDNA was developed in collaboration with Dartmouth College, that acts as a digital fingerprint from photographs to be able to find and identify other versions of the same images online. Microsoft had previously donated PhotoDNA to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

16MP HTC Phone- Leaked

We’ve been hearing about HTC leaks, left and right. We just covered the HTC Holiday and the HTC Lead, but it looks like another HTC is in the works, codenamed, Bresson. The handset is named after French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson who made candid and street photography popular. So how does this phone relate to that photographer? Well, expect a 16MP camera built into the phone, for starters, making it the highest quality camera available on phone in the market, any market.

Xbox Rolls Out Firmware Update W/ Major Glitch

There’s a new firmware update for the Xbox 360 that allows individuals to read higher capacity discs. The only problem is that the new firmware update will not work on every console since some older Xbox 360s aren’t able to work around the format. Microsoft has stated that a very small number of units are affected but has stated that they plan on replacing any of the affected consoles.

The company is offering to replace affected consoles with a brand new Xbox 360 Slim with 250GB hard drive at no cost to the consumer. Of course, users will have to send back their old console before getting a new one and the offer will expire by the end of September.

Windows 8 On Multiple Platforms? I’ll Take It!

Microsoft plans on making a few versions of the upcoming Windows 8, including four versions for tablets and smartphones that will use ARM chips. The ARM versions won’t run the older Windows software but the Intel chip version will. The news comes from Intel’s SVP, Renee James during a conference for investors. James claimed that there will be at least one Intel version of Windows 8 that will address the tablet and smartphone market.

What this means is that instead of creating a bunch of fancy titles and different versions that are only slightly tweaked in reality, this means that the next generation Windows operating system will be able to successfully run on virtually any platform.