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Articles tagged with: Microsoft

@Bing Promotion Using Japan Tragedy on Twitter Backfires

Bing created lots of controversy after attempting to use the tragedy in Japan for self-promoting on Twitter.

Users reacted quickly and brashly to Bing’s tweet. Most accused Bing of using the devastation as an opportunity to self promote instead of simply providing relief. Essentially setting off a firestorm on Twitter which created an on-slew of profanity towards Microsoft’s search engine. The twitverse went crazy using all kinds of harsh words, specially the four letter word.

IE6 Smackdown!

Microsoft has taken the step of creating a new site IE6countdown.com to bring awareness and reduce the usage of the old Internet Explorer version 6 (IE6) across the world.

The main page shows a world chart and market penetration (if you want to call it that) of the IE6 browser. Microsoft has been pushing web surfers to upgrade to a newer browser, hopefully IE9, which is slated to be released from beta later this month. Overall, usage share was down to 12% across the world.

Google Cloud Connect – Collaborate Seamlessly

Google just released Google Cloud Connect, a software plug-in that moves Office files to Google Docs. With the plugin you can save the files to Google Docs and have them available all the time no matter where you are, reducing the confusion of which version is the most recent. It also gives you the ability to collaborate on documents. For example, your colleagues in Miami could edit the file’s table of content while the creative director, who works from Dallas Texas adjust formating. This reduces the need to send documents back and forth as email attachments making collaboration seamlessly despite not working from the same location.

Killer Cloud Features For Pennies

Ever needed a clean install of a windows server to test with? Maybe you’re creating installs, or a script to create a database, or just need a clean machine to do some network or DR documentation. Well, you have several options. There are numerous virtualization technologies out there. There’s Microsoft’s Hyper-V (included with OS), VMWare’s VMWare Server (free), and Oracle’s VirtualBox (free). You can go get your ISO or Retail DVD and go to town.

You can do this on your laptop or small desktop computer. If you’ve got everything setup and ready to go, you may get this VM up and running in less than an hour!

Who Is Pissed At Nokia??

Nokia has conceded that Symbian is dead. Fifteen hundred workers walked off the job, as the software that runs the phones has been ceded to Microsoft in a attempt to ward off market erosion to Android. The Bataan Death March, the end of an era. The company wishes to diffentiate itself, replacing it’s operating system with, WTF, Microsoft’s? While Motorola and Sony Ericsson have embraced Android, Nokia has relegated itself to an also ran, trying to retain the 300 million people who use Nokia handsets. Fifteen hundred disgusted employees at the Nokia’s Tampere plant walked out.

The Devil Made Me Do It.

Google has pwnd Bing, Microsoft’s internet search engine, and its team and clearly demonstrated that Microsoft is using information about Google’s search engine based on data gathered through the Bing Toolbar.

After looking at the results provided by Google, Bing’s search engine produced the same responses to nonsensical queries. This prompted Google to prove that Bing was watching what people searched for on Google. Essentially, Bing collected data on the sites people selected from Google’s results and then used it to improve its own search listings. Microsoft later claimed that Google’s findings were rigged and manipulated through the use of click fraud.

LinkedIn Files For IPO And Provides Insights

With more than 90 million users, LinkedIn, the social network that helps professionals connect, filed for an initial public offering. The site which is mainly used for business networking, didn’t reveal the number of shares it plans to offer or price range, but offers insights into its current financials and operations.

The fillings highlight how profitable the business of social networking can be. Currently, LinkedIn’s revenues come from three main sources — advertising, hiring solutions and premium subscriptions. According to the filling, it generated revenues of $120 million for 2009 and $161 million for the first 3 quarters of 2010. Its hiring solutions and advertising have become the company’s primary growth areas, comprising of 41% and 32% of revenue, respectively. It indicated it doesn’t expect profitability in 2011 because of investments in technology and a few other areas. It also disclosed that a “substantial majority” of its members don’t visit the site on a regular monthly basis.