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Articles tagged with: middle east

Obama Plans Cyber Attacks, While 62K Logins Are Leaked

President Obama has signed executive orders that outline how far the U.S. military can go with cyber attacks. The Obama administration believe that the current cyber attacks are just one step away from being full blown attacks and outline the current state of affairs of American cyber security.

Obama plans on using cyber attacks in the Middle East both for offensive and defensive measures, such as unleashing a virus on the enemy’s network or taking down the entire network.

U.S. Spreads Democracy Through Shadow Networks

The Obama administration is leading a global effort to deploy “shadow” Internet and Mobile phone systems that citizens of repressed governments can use to bypass censorship in their native countries. The initiative is funded with $2 million from a State Department grant and the Internet is deployed from a small briefcase.

The idea is to smuggle the briefcase (full of Internet) across the border and quickly set it up to allow wireless communication over a wide area with a link to the world wide web. This could be the first step out of many that gives people a greater freedom to step up against their government. The new liberation-technology movement involves creating these stealth wireless networks so activists can communicate outside their government’s ears in countries like Iran, Syria, and Libya.

Star Trek Resort In The Works

Rubicon Group Holding’s $1 billion, 184-acre “Red Sea Astarium” is a resort with a Star Trek spin. Rubicon Group Holding and Paramount Recreation are closely working together to create a new Star Trek attraction that will seek to deliver a variety of multi-sensory 23rd century experiences such as state-of-the-art space-flight adventure that immerses customers in entertainment experiences.

The theme park is inspired by the 2009 Star Trek movie and should be quite an attraction. The theme park isn’t expected to launch until 2014 so we don’t have too many details on it just yet.