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Articles tagged with: mikebremin

Startup Jumio Gets Funding From Facebook Co-Founder

Jumio, a startup that claims will revolutionize mobile payments, has received $6.5 million in funding from Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin along with a few other investors.

Daniel Mattes, the company CEO, founded the startup in 2010 and currently has a few products in development. Jumio claimed via a blog post that the product would launch soon.

The company has yet to launch so its hard to know for sure what they do. Their promotional video claims they will end cash as we know it.

Friendly Facebook iPad App — FREE

You’ve waited long enough, you want an iPad app that makes it easier for you to connect to Facebook — considering that you spend 8 hours on the site, and Safari just does not cut it. Well good news, there is an unofficial app that has all the things you might need when you’re using the social site: photos, chat, pokes, feeds, and lots more — check it out. Oh, and did we say it was free?

Actual Home Phone Service Using Google Voice – gHome

Who uses wire land lines for phone service with expensive long distance charges? Not many, but if you do, here is yet another reason to get rid of those old antiquated phones.

TelTub is offering a new service called gHome that turns your free Google Voice account into home phone service. The service works similar to Vonage VoIP but it’s a lot cheaper since it only costs $5/month, with the first month free.

@Bing Promotion Using Japan Tragedy on Twitter Backfires

Bing created lots of controversy after attempting to use the tragedy in Japan for self-promoting on Twitter.

Users reacted quickly and brashly to Bing’s tweet. Most accused Bing of using the devastation as an opportunity to self promote instead of simply providing relief. Essentially setting off a firestorm on Twitter which created an on-slew of profanity towards Microsoft’s search engine. The twitverse went crazy using all kinds of harsh words, specially the four letter word.

Japan Remains Online Despite Quake Devastation

The ongoing damage and devastation in Japan is of epic proportions. The 8.9-magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami has claimed the lives of many and destroyed villages along its coast. It is even created a nuclear scare with the possibility of having a meltdown in one the nuclear plants. However, one thing that withstood the ordeal is Internet connectivity.

According to Renesys, only a small fraction of Japan’s Internet connections were affected by this massive catastrophic event. Vital communication systems have not gone down and this has enabled those in Japan to communicate with others in and outside the devastated areas.

iPhone Prototype With 64GB Memory Leaked (VIDEO Proof)

Rumors have been flying around that there was an iPhone with 64Gs of memory in the works. Now we have complete proof — even a hands on video.

The device looks like it was leaked from Foxconn’s factory in Shenzhen and the owner of the prototype told the site that he got it from a source who has a small quantity of them.

Smart Labels for GMail – Automatically Sorts Bulk Emails

Google Labs released smart labels this morning, which provides the ability to sort e-mail into three different tags (categories). Essentially Smart Labels automatically redirects email into Bulk, Notifications and Forums so they never hit your inbox but instead are delivered into their respective folders.

According to Google, this is to separate personal e-mail from things such as bulk e-mail promotions and Facebook notifications that can quickly clutter your inbox.

Internet Explorer 9 Out of Beta on March 14th

The final version of Internet Explorer 9 is launching on March 14, in time for a party at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas.

The new design takes on a minimalist approach which gives the user more browsing room and places browser tabs in a single strip alongside the omnibar. Microsoft also added a download manager and support for HTML5 video. The new browser is apparently winning over critics for being significantly faster and more user friendly.

Sony Ericsson Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Photos Leaked

Rumors abound that Sony Ericsson was secretly developing a Windows Phone 7 based device. Now, we have proof – images of an unknown Sony Ericsson slide-out smartphone prototype running WP7 mobile OS were released by the Chinese blog site Lizhecome.com. While images are grainy, they reveal that the prototype is still in its early stages of development. The site did not provide any news of when it will be released.

Push To Talk Apps – Your Fancy Phone As A Walkie-Talkie

Remember those cool walkie-talkies you use to have, you know – the ones you used as a kid to talk with your friends. They were limited to about 200 feet and it was cool to use them (when you were six yrs old of course). Well there are several apps that convert your fancy phone into one of those old walkie-talkies.

Two of the most notables apps are the HeyTell and the TiKL apps. Both are similar but each has different options. However, they both resemble Nextel phones.