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Articles tagged with: mixing

Adobe Color Lava, Eazel, And Nav For Designing Everywhere!

There are a few applications that were written for the iPad by Adobe to showcase the capabilities of the iPad as a creation tool. The first of these applications is called Color Lava, which is available for $3 and is a color-mixing and color scheme creator. The interface is aesthetically pleasing and user friendly, arguably the two most important features of any application. In the top left corner of the screen you will find a well filled with water that is available to clean your digital brush. Below the water well are circular color wells, a mixing area in the middle and give empty color swatches on the right. You can paint from scratch or paint of a photo from iPad’s Photo library. After you’ve created your five swatches, you can send them to Photoshop’s Swatch panel or e-mail your paint swatches to your client, if you have one.