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Articles tagged with: museum

Tokyo Museum Set To Unveil Interactive OLED Globe

The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo will present an OLED geo-cosmos. The Geo-cosmos was designed to display images of the Earth taken from a meteorological satellite, and includes cloud formations and storm patterns.

The globe measures six meters around and has a resolution of approximately 10 million pixels, spanning 103,620 PMOLED (Passive Matrix OLED) panels, each measuring 96 sq mm.

Jeff Koons Must Die, The Video Game

Multimedia artist Hunter Jonakin has created an art-based first-person shooter called “Jeff Koons Must Die.” Known for his over-priced, kitschy sculptures (ex. giant metal balloon dogs that sold for 20 million dollars each), Koons often comes across as a jerk (ex. suing businesses for using “his” balloon dog motif).

The game is set in a museum filled with Koons’ art, and the weapon of choice is a rocket launcher. The point is to destroy the art, and if the play fails to do this then the game ends.