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Articles tagged with: neogy

Life Saving App When Disaster Strikes

Taiwanese university researchers have released a mobile phone app that will transmit(to any number of people) the location of users trapped in an earthquake or mudslide tragedy. What will it take to achieve this? Just one touch on your mobile device.

Liang, an assistant professor at Lunghwa University of Science and Technology explains that the app transmits the latitude and longitude coordinates of people stranded in disaster areas. The potentially life saving mobile app went…

Seagate Drive Revamp Increases Performance

Seagate Technology launched the largest enterprise revamp in their company’s history on Tuesday with its Pulsar family of solid-state drives, offering capacities of up to 800GB. They also rolled out their Savvio and Constellation hard-disk drives, with capacities ranging between 154GB and 3TB. Their aim is to help IT managers cope with storage needs, driven by new consumer devices that directly and indirectly consume enterprise storage.

The company’s Pulsar SSD platform has been tested take on more than ten full drive writes per day, or 15 petabytes written over the course of the drive’s lifetime. Their Savio 10K.5 and Savvio 15K.3 HDDs have a reliability rating of 99.5% average per two million hours.

Seagate’s Executive Vice President, Kurt Richarz stated that…

eBay Announces 50 Free Listings Per Month

eBay has announced new pricing that will make it even easier for people to sell their unwanted belongings on the enormous auction site. For the first time in the history, eBay is making it free to list up to 50 items PER month in auctions at any start price, and FREE to add the “Buy it Now” option to those listings, drawing auction enthusiasts and shoppers looking for an immediate fix.

When will those go into effect? April 19th, 2011. The new pricing builds on a series of free-listing promos that were had in 2010 and which resulted in significant increases in new listers. If this new promotion wasn’t good enough, eBay will also be…

Microsoft’s Zune Has Finally Croaked

It has been four and a half years since Microsoft launched its Zune media player. Just four and a half years. A report from Bloomberg stated that the company has discontinued Zune production due to weak sales and even weaker demand. The company will abandon the Zune concept and focus on their media player software instead.

Even though the Zune launched in November of 2006(right before the Christmas rush), the media players never really caught on with customers. In 2009, Microsoft launched…

New Nanotech Research Uses 100 Times Less Power

Researchers from the University of Illinois’ Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, have developed a new digital memory module that uses much less power and is faster than current memory solutions. This breakthrough could lead to future smartphone and laptop devices to have a much longer battery life, as well as possibly improving telecommunications.

The latest research on memory includes phase-change materials(PCM) as an alternative to the kind of memory that stores bits as a charge. Using PCM technology, each bit is stored in the resistance of the material itself and can and can be reversibly switched with short voltage pulses and localized Joule heating. Some advantages of this technology include…

T-Mobile Announces New 10GB Data Plan

T-Mobile has announced a new 10GB cellular data plan for those heavy modem and tablet users. The cost? $84.99. That is, if you’re not adding the service to a voice plan. If you are, well then, you will “only” be paying an additional $67.99 to your current voice plan. If this sounds a little steep, please note that it includes unlimited access to T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi hotspots. So, if you enjoy hanging around Starbucks all day, this may be for you…

Twitter’s Birthday Bash — Impressive Stats After 5 Years!!

For Twitter’s 5th birthday, the company released some stats illustrating the milestones the company had reached.

It was only about five years ago when designers had begun to create a prototype of what would become Twitter. Jack Dorsey sent the world’s first tweet on March 21, 2006. For a company being only five years old, we found their stats to be quite impressive.

Click to learn more about the company’s success!

Japan’s Quake Causes Memory Prices To Sky Rocket!

The prices for DRAM and NAND flash memory chips sky rocketed on Monday as a result of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami. The reason for this? Markets display concerns over fabrication plant shutdowns, power outages, and supply chain shortages. Prices for DRAM shot up by as much as 7.5%, while prices for NAND flash memory rose as much as 20.5%, according to DRAMeXchange.

With Japan producing 35.7% of the world’s NAND flash production and 13.6% of DRAM, we are likely to see a rise in Japanese memory sold in the U.S…

AT&T Comes To The Rescue!

In response to the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan last week, AT&T is offering their aid to those trying to connect with friends and family in Japan. From March 11th-31st(until further notice), AT&T wireless postpaid customers will not receive charges for international calls from the US and Puerto Rico to Japan.

In addition, text messages sent from a US wireless number will be charge-free. Landline customers will be able…