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Articles tagged with: networks

View WiFi Signals In Terms Of White Light (Video Proof)

Norway design researchers are working on displaying the material and spatial qualities of WiFi networks through light, demonstrating signal strength in long-exposure photographs. The researchers have built a tall wooden probe, measuring four meters high, a WiFi module, and used 80 LEDS.

The 80 LEDs run a length that pulses and raises based on the strength of a specified WiFi network. After three weeks of hard work in Oslo, Norway, the pulsing lights have created a physical representation of the invisible world of WiFi networks.

HTC Releases App That Detects Invisible Networks

Have you ever tried to connect a mobile device to an “invisible” WiFi network in your home? For most devices, you can only select WiFi networks that broadcast a SSID (Service Set Identifier). This problem occurs amongst pretty much all platforms, and have most likely occurred many times with Windows Phone 7 users unable to access the web from their home paid service.

There is good news for you folks out there because HTC has released a fix called the Hidden Wi-Fi app. It’s a free application that can be found in the Windows Phone marketplace and allows you to select and save up to…

Wi-Fi Introduces New Program, Streamlines Hotspots

Today the Wi-Fi Alliance announced a new program, intending to streamline connection to public hotspots. This new certification will also improve the relationship between Wi-Fi and cellular data, which are now in contact more than ever due to smartphones and tablets. This will include data to be transfered via either network in case of extreme data congestion. In addition, lots of carriers are switching form the stressed 3G network over to citywide Wi-Fi networks, which are better able to handle the ever increasing number of smartphone users.
Besides being more efficient, …