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Articles tagged with: neuroscience

Million Processor Network Models The Human Brain

If you thought the human brain couldn’t be modeled, think again. The human brain contains 100 billion neurons, each neuron can connect with up to 1 billion other neurons. So how can we simulate the human brain?

A group of researchers from British Universities are working on developing a massive supercomputer that makes use of up to a million ARM processors. The machine will be called SpiNNaker (Spiking Neural Network Architecture) and will be used to simulate the inner workings of the brain.

City Life Affects Schizophrenia Prevalence And Anxiety

Researchers have discovered that two areas of the brain are directly affected by city living– and lead to a greater risk of anxiety and mood disorders. It was found that the risk for anxiety disorders is 21% greater for those who live in the city.

The same group of city folk also saw a 39% increase in mood disorders. Individuals who are born and raised in the city are also twice as likely to get Schizophrenia at some point in their lives.

Have You Seen A Hexapod?

This is by far the coolest robot I have ever seen. While your typical robot resembles a human or has human-like features, this robot is quite different. One can call it a six-legged spider, but instead of having pincers by its mouth, it has a camera (what a nice change!). The robot was designed by Matt Bunting, a PhD student at the University of Arizona who is studying electrical engineering.

Matt created his hexapod using 21 motors, the aforementioned webcam, and created the device for a grad school project.