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Articles tagged with: Obama

Hacked Fox News Twitter Feed Reports Death Of President Obama

The Fox News Twitter feed has reportedly been hacked Monday, with a series of tweets announcing that President Barack Obama had been assassinated.

According to the Guardian News blog,the first tweet to announce that Obama had been shot dead were sent by @foxnewspolitics at approximately 2am local time to its feed’s 33,000 followers. The tweets were rapidly shared on the internet.

Google Uses Sea Water For Data Center Cooling

If Google hasn’t spent enough on renewable technologies yet, get this, Google will be using sea water to cool its new data center in Finland. Redefining the meaning of water cooling is no inexpensive feat, and will cost Google about $260 million, bringing Google’s investments in renewable resources to over half a billion dollars.

The Finland data center was previously used as a paper mill before it was bought by Google in 2009 and will be used to fuel a large part of Google’s cloud computing division. As a computer geek myself, I have to say that this is extremely impressive and I am glad that Google is being the first to try it out.

Obama Reserves Right To Bomb Hackers

Has our President been hanging around with George Bush a bit much lately? One may guess that based on what Obama has recently said. In a personal foreword (link to webpage with PDF) to document International Strategy for Cyberspace, the President claimed that the country would preserve the character of cyberspace and reduce the threats faced. President O-bomb-a reserves the right to take military action against cyber-terrorists who attempt to hack into the U.S. government.

US Intelligence Scans Bin Laden’s PCs

After Operation Geronimo occurred on Monday morning, Osama Bin Laden was killed from several gunshot wounds to the head and chest. As people watched the video live from video cameras mounted on Special Forces helmets, many were pleased that the Al-Qaeda leader had gotten what was coming to him, even if it took ten years.

The computer equipment seized during the operation left by Osama Bin Laden, is currently being analyzed by US Military Intelligence experts. John Brennan, a White House insider stated that…

Facebook Shares Server Information With The World

Facebook is opening its datacenter design and sharing everything from the manufacturer, make, and model of the servers that keep Facebook online and available 24/7 to how the datacenter is powered and cooled to keep those servers running smoothly. Facebook’s initiative is to give fans a clear picture of what it takes to run the servers as well as giving people who work in corporate IT an idea of the kind of power it takes to run a massive website such as Facebook. Given CEO Zuckerberg’s relationship with President Obama, we can speculate that Obama had some influence in regards to transparency.

Facebook CEO To Hold Obama’s 2012 Meeting

President Barack Obama has announced on Facebook that he will be holding a Town Hall meeting with Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto this month. The big event will happen on April 20th at 1:45pm PST. Users can participate by submitting questions about innovation and the economy through the Facebook Event wall. Facebook will select the top ones that will be addressed during the meeting.

Over a thousand people have already signed up to attend the event, however, the event will also be streamed live for viewers all over the country to enjoy. The last…

Facebook Recruiting Former Obama Press Secretary

According to the Andrew Ross Sorkin from the NY Times Deal Book, Facebook is actively seeking to hire Robert Gibbs for a senior role in corporate communications. As you may recall, Gibbs is President Obama’s former White House press secretary. Mr. Gibbs left the White House in February to a job in the private sector and became outside adviser to the administration.

The Big Red Internet Shutdown Switch

In unprecedented action in Internet history, we’re currently seeing how a country like Egypt has pulled the plug on the Internet to silence its people. They are preventing its citizens from taking to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (by blocking all routes) to share information about how the whole country is erupting in violence. It’s similar to what other countries like China, Tunisia and Iran have done in the past for censorship and now its coming to the land of the free, America.

A controversial bill giving US presidents power over privately owned computer systems during a “national cyber-emergency” and prohibiting any review by the court system is now circulating.