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Articles tagged with: operating

Be Efficient With iOS 5’s Wireless Update Feature

Apple has recently seeded the beta version of its newest operating system iOS 5 to developers. iOS 5 is currently not available to normal users as it is in a testing phase.

For the first time Apple has introduced the feature of updating the OS over a wireless network without hooking the device up to a PC for downloading.

For this, the user will need to first download the new operating system to the device utilizing 3G or WIFI connectivity. Updating the software by this method would not download the full operating system which requires the download of about 700 MB chunk of data.

Aircell Announces New Android Airphone

Aircell, an in-flight communications provider, will be releasing an in-cabin, Android-based handset in late 2011. The airphone will target business users who like the option of staying connected. Aircell claims that their airphone will offer better sound quality than your typical land-line or land-based mobile phone. Aircell chose Android for it’s ease of use and current popularity amongst mainstream callers. Although we do not currently know the details of the airphone (e.g. processor, memory, or software), we do know that it will be powerful enough for your typical multimedia use. The phone will be equipped with a 3.8-inch touchscreen, allowing for a pleasant toy to play with during your flight. The futuristic airphone also comes with…

Windows 8 Features?

ReadWriteWeb speculates what Windows 8 might roll out. They think one of the first features would be to add 128-bit support. This scares me because it is year 2011 and we still do not have full 64-bit support for many applications. Although there is the 64-bit Mozilla browser, Namoroka, there is no reliable 64-bit Adobe flash player, rendering all 64-bit browsers useless. So at the present time, we have 64-bit operating systems that allow for our computers to read more than 3GB of memory, but we hardly have any 64-bit software to use to make the most out of our hardware. This is like buying a Lamborghini Gallardo to drive the 25mph speed limit to the post office. It just doesn’t add up. The next feature expected will be…