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Articles tagged with: overdraft

Buying OS X Lion With PayPal, That Will Be $3880

It seems like something fishy is happening in PayPal, at least when it comes to people buying Apple’s new operating system OS X Lion, through the platform. According to Apple’s support forums, one person claims that they were overcharged nearly $4,000 on July 28th.

The bill showed up as 122 charges of $31.79 a pop. Apple claims it is PayPal’s fault, and PayPal is saying just the opposite, both are investigating, but in the meantime, the victim claims to be ‘stuck broke’.

UK Survey Gets The Scoop On iPhone Users

According to the Inquirer, an intrusive UK survey published by Yougov offered some interesting insights on iPhone users. The survey examined 2,000 UK citizens, and discovered that 66% of respondents admitted to owning a mobile phone, with a third of the sample admitted to owning a smartphone. The survey was funded by the banking software firm, IE.

Upon examining personal information, the firm found that iPhone users were “most likely to spend themselves into the red side of their bank account, while Blackberry users were least likely to buy applications.” This finding is interesting because it offers possible insights into the psychology…