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Articles tagged with: pegatron

Apple Breaks Ties With Foxconn For iPad 3

Did you know that your favorite iPhone and iPad devices were all manufactured in China? For those of you who knew it, they won’t be produced any more in China. Foxconn was the company responsible for producing the majority of the i-devices. But it looks like Foxconn is out of play now.

Reports suggest that Apple has cancelled the iPad 3 manufacturing contract with Foxconn and is most probably opting for a Taiwanese company, Pegatron. Recently, Pegatron stated that they had received a contract for manufacturing 15 million iPhone units.

iPhone 4 Production Gets Cut In Half

Apple supplier insiders provided some vital information yesterday that supplier Pegatron had been asked to dramatically scale back production of CDMA iPhone 4 models. The Taiwan supplier had been originally asked to produce 10 million iPhones, but received a significant reduction in orders, cutting it down to five million. This goes against Verizon’s prediction that they would sell 11 million iPhones this year.