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Articles tagged with: platforms

Microsoft Retires Office XP And Vista SP1

Well, wadya know. Microsoft is finally going to retire it’s 2001 Office XP and first service pack for Windows Vista next week, according to the company’s own calendar. Both platforms will end on July 12th, and will no longer have updates supporting the antiquated software.

Since Microsoft supports its business products for ten years, this change shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone. Vista users will still be able to get security updates by upgrading to service pack 2, that is, if they are still using SP1.

HTC Releases App That Detects Invisible Networks

Have you ever tried to connect a mobile device to an “invisible” WiFi network in your home? For most devices, you can only select WiFi networks that broadcast a SSID (Service Set Identifier). This problem occurs amongst pretty much all platforms, and have most likely occurred many times with Windows Phone 7 users unable to access the web from their home paid service.

There is good news for you folks out there because HTC has released a fix called the Hidden Wi-Fi app. It’s a free application that can be found in the Windows Phone marketplace and allows you to select and save up to…

Beta Testing Open For New TweetDeck

For all the Twitter gurus, there is a new beta for Tweetdeck that is essentially Tweetdeck + 5HTML. If you are unfamiliar with what TweetDeck is, it is basically just a personal browser that allows you to connect with your contacts across Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and Linkedin, making it the ultimate tool in social media. The new 5HTML web application was created to bring the Chrome web Tweetdeck app to other web platforms. The application is built on the same core as Chrome Tweetdeck, on the same user interface, and contains many of the same features.