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Articles tagged with: postpaid

First Prepaid Smartphone By LG

On April 17th, LG and AT&T are partnering up to bring customers the first pre-paid smartphone, the LG Thrive as well as a post-paid version, the LG Phoenix. Both devices will have Android 2.2, Froyo and will be available in stores nationwide. Both devices will feature a vibrant 3.2-inch color full-touch display, have Exchange email support, unlimited Wi-Fi usage on the entire national AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot network and will carry 3.2MP cameras a piece.

Sprint Still Furious Over AT&T Acquisition

CEO of Sprint, Dan Hesse took a stand against AT&T’s recent merge with T-Mobile. Sprint, along with many other people feel that this recent merging will undo three decades of actions by the United States government that modernized and sparked wireless competition. If the deal is approved, which it would likely be, AT&T will be three times the size of Sprint. Sprint is urging the U.S. government to block this acquisition.

SVP of Government Affairs, Vonya McCann said