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Articles tagged with: problem

Facebook Offering Bounty For Every Bug Found

Looks like Facebook is too tired of bugs which strike the social networking site often. Recently Facebook eliminated a bug with video privacy settings after it lasted for the whole week.

Obviously, Facebook doesn’t want to lose their current top spot among social networking websites so the company is keen to keep the website fully functional to avoid any angry users.

Buggy Update Of Facebook iPhone App

Lots of users are angry over the recent update to Facebook’s iPhone app. The latest release was suposed to be fixing the problem but it went in opposite. Instead of fixing the bug it created more bugs for the users.

Facebook promised to release another update but still they are stucked at version 3.4.3

Motorola Investigating Issues With Atrix

Some Motorola Atrix users have recently reported audio issues with their new smartphone. They mentioned that their voices sounded “mute” to their recipient callers. A Motorola employee and forum manager, Mark, replied with “We’ve been looking into it for some time however we’ve only recently gotten phones back from customers.” Mark requested additional feedback from customers to better pinpoint what the issue could be.