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Articles tagged with: profit margin

HP Acquires Printelligent

Computer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard has just signed a deal to acquire Printelligent in order to boost its printing services for business clients. The deal will allow HP to offer clients unified management of large numbers of copiers, printers and fax machines. Companies with hundreds of employees often outsource this job, so, with this new acquisition, we may see enhanced profits within organizations themselves.

Printelligent had clients in 728 U.S. cities and manages about a million printed documents each year. HP stated in 2009 that it would form a new group to ramp up its managed print services and start a program to aid business consumers to reduce printer hardware.

Nvidia Swallows Icera For $367M

We have just heard that Nvidia has swallowed Icera for $367 million dollars. This move gets Nvidia’s foot in the door for baseband and radio chips, leaving some to guess that perhaps Nvidia is thinking of making its own phone. With the Icera acquisition, Nvidia will now be able to combine high-end processors, with cell phone communications.

Nvidia believes that Icera can help it double its revenue from each mobile device.

LG Announces Company’s Strong Quarter

LG has recently come forth to say that it has turned a new corner with the sales of flat panels and operating profits up. The company believes that an aggressive product line-up in televisions will continue to fuel profits. The company saw its first operating profit in early of 2010. LG feels confident that the Cinema 3D TV range and its Smart TVs will be the driving force of product sales.

The company has seen success, largely due to its cost-cutting efforts and are currently in a 73.1 million USD profit in the first quarter.