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Articles tagged with: QR Codes

Tesco Brings Virtual Shopping To Subway Stations

Tesco, known as Fresh & Easy in America, and Home Plus in South Korea has come up with the concept to use photos of grocery products, as well as QR codes. The grocery products will be displayed on billboards, subway stations, and users will simply have to scan the image using the camera on their smartphone and add the item to their virtual basket.

The users can also pay through the platform and have the items delivered to them on the same day. This means that working mothers can scan some vegetables, fruit, and a few other necessary products, continue on with their day and come home without having to visit the grocery store.

The Wonderful World of QR Codes

I recently joined the crowd who find QR Codes to be a great way to enhance their social media. Of course I am asked frequently what is a QR Code and what are they used for? I had no idea other than the fact it is a image that barcode scanner apps like ShopSavvy can scan like a barcode. What is produced from the scan of the image is information on whatever is linked to the image.

QR Code is helping merge the online and offline marketing of a business. Naturally, the QR code can be placed on web-sites and linked to product descriptions, but what I show my clients is the biggest advantage is in placing the code on printed material and most importantly Business Cards.