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Articles tagged with: real-time

Sweet Small Arms App For The iPhone

If you have an iPhone and you’re into weapons, there’s an app for that. I stumbled across Modern Weapons – Small Arms (Encyclopedia of Guns) in the Reference section of the AppStore, and I have to say — it’s working for me.

For .99 cents, you get a handy little guide that covers common types of small arms from pistols and rifles to hand grenades and man-portable SAMs.

Viewdle Face Recognition App Knows Who You Are

Google may be coming out with a face recognition app soon but Viewdle has already beat them to it. You probably have not heard of Viewdle, yes they are relatively new, but they raised funding last year and now has several products in the works, one of which is a face recognition app. The app allows you to instantly identify people by taking their picture and its making the headlines.