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Articles tagged with: Redhat

LG’s Awesome New N2C Hard Drive

LG’s new 2 terabyte NAS, the N2C, supports an external ODD (Optical Disc Drive), letting users access CD/DVD or Blu-ray videos directly from the network, and allows users to share content to any number of connected devices.

The N2C also comes with a peer2peer program, iTunes Server, DLNA and special software that gives users remote access to all data from any PC or mobile phone. Users will also be able to use it as a remote security device giving access to live video taken from any USB Web cam.

Windows XP Is No Longer In The Lead

Thanks to StatCounter, the latest results of the desktop operating system market share for April 2011, shows a switch from the once dominant Windows XP. It looks like businesses are finally making the transition to Windows 7. Windows 7 now sweeps a 31.75% market share of desktops in the United States, with Windows XP dropping to 31.56%. Although this is such a slim defeat for Windows 7, it does show that XP may have finally “live its life” in the operating system realm and that users are ready to move on with their software. Coming in third is Windows Vista at 19.07% and Mac OS X following a distant fourth with 14.87%. Linux takes only .70% of the market share with other operating systems taking 2.09%.

Intel– No Longer Producing Itanium Chips

Itanium-based servers are commonly used by IT professionals in the industry. Intel’s latest Itanium 9300 series packs a punch, delivering double the performance that you would get with the previous generation. It also handles six times more memory bandwidth and up to nine times more interconnect bandwidth. To continue, the Itanium can carry eight times more memory than the older version. It is designed for information specialists to have energy-efficient technology at their fingertips, and serves are the driving force for their data centers and workload management.

According to Electronista, Oracle has announced that it will no longer…