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Articles tagged with: remembering

Ubiquitous’ Technology For Improved Lives

At the Embedded Systems Expo, Ubiquitous demonstrated a power strip that features a built-in Wireless LAN called the iRemoTap. This power tap can display the power status of devices that are connected to it from either a PC or a mobile phone, giving users the added option of switching the power on and off remotely. Ubiquitous has its own OS and the people at the company specialize in developing software for embedded systems.

The OS runs on only a few kilobytes and the operating system uses a serial connection. The sensor systems can be accessed easily via wireless LAN. With this power-strip, users will be able to turn off devices they had forgotten about and receive an email or tweet if the power consumption goes over a set point.

Water Alarm, Never Waste Water Again!

I’m sure I am not the only one when it comes to leaving the faucet on while I brush my teeth. It’s not that I don’t care about water waste, it has usually been that I was just not paying attention. Wasting water is no light issue however, and states (such as California) are facing a water crisis so it is important to save every last drop, if possible.

What can sometimes even be more harmful to our water supply is forgetting to turn off a hose or not paying attention…