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Articles tagged with: retina

AirPlay And Many More On Your iPad Now

It seems like Google would do anything to make it appealing for the users. Google recently rolled out and upgrade for its Google application for iOS. The application for iOS is almost the same in design as that for the Android version and after the new update, it now has full-support for iPad.

Toshiba Beats Apple’s Retina Display, By Miles

Okay, so Apple Shmapple, you’ve heard all the talks about iPhone’s technology and why you should get it. One of the iPhone’s coolest features, at least in my opinion, is its retina display. Although I am a bit of a pixel fanatic, it’s time to look our eyes away from Apple and towards technology of the future. Samsung introduced a highly dense pixel resolution just last week, and Toshiba is keeping up the paces.

Toshiba has just come forth with a new four inch display that will be used in smartphones. The 4-inch screen will feature a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, allowing it to display HD video in 720p.

Full HD On A 4.8″ Screen- Check It Out

Samsung and LG are working in consortium to pack extra pixels into tablet-sized screens for a very high-density pixel ratio. Last year, Ortus Technologies demonstrated a 4.8-inch Full HD LCD that was able to manage a 1920 x 1080 458ppi into a panel that provided images far sharper than iPhone 4’s Retina Display. Ortus Technologies is back to show us the upgraded display in 3D.

The new display uses an Arisawa Xpol polarizer film that splits the image into a set of left eye images and a set of right eye images. The viewer gives up some vertical resolution in exchange…

$300 iPad? Verizon wins.

Hopefully not too many hopped on the bandwagon to buy the first generation iPad for $400, a deal offered by AT&T just last week. Verizon is offering the first-gen iPad for $299.99. That’s about the price of a netbook or even many MP3/MP4 players. It seems like just another way Verizon can compete head to head with wireless giant AT&T. It’s kind of cool seeing how the recent T-Mobile merge has sparked such competition between the time-tested rivals. If you want to have a piece of the action, just visit your local Verizon Wireless retail location. The other version of the iPad are seeing similar pricecuts with the 32GB model at $399, and the 64GB at $499.99. Verizon does not offer…