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Articles tagged with: revolution

Gamestop To Sell Digital Game Copies

The digital download method is quiet convenient for those who don’t have access to a game store for buying original games. There are many online stores working at the moment which sell digital copies of the games for download. Some of these services are Steam, Amazon and Direct2Drive.

Now, Gamestop is also going to follow their footsteps. Gamestop has stores all around US from where one can buy a game in disc form. But now Gamestop is launching a new service which will provide the facility of downloading games.

Airbus Demonstrates Concept Plane For Year 2050

Airbus has an awesome new concept plane that it hopes will be in wide-scale production and use by the year of 2050. While we can’t estimate ticket prices, we can give you a few clues on what we may see in the upcoming decades.

Following the form-factor of a bird’s flight, the new airplane will have a skeletal formation with many transparent windows (likely tinted) that will allow the plane to be much lighter, thus requiring much less fuel.

Chinese Government Threatens Google Over Hack Accusations

According to Reuters, the Chinese government is threatening Google, surprise, surprise. The Chinese government said that “Google has become a ‘political tool’ vilifying the Chinese government’ and it warned the company that its statements about the recent hacks traced to China could hurt its business.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry rejected the accusations and claimed that Google was badmouthing China as a political move. Laughably, the threat went unreceived by Google as they had no comment on the Chinese threats.

LG’s Chooses Bing Over Google For The Revolution Phone

LG’s new Revolution 4G android phone is coming out May 26th on Verizon Wireless as most people already know. This is the first phone with Bing integration instead of Google. Verizon has two other LTE devices, but the new Revolution will be the first one with Bing. The phone will run Netflix and will have a huge 4.3 inch screen.

LG Revolution 4G Coming This Month

There’s a new phone coming out from LG’s headquarters. It looks like the company is rolling out an awesome new Android phone called the LG revolution. The Revolution will be packed with LTE and will hit shelves in the coming weeks. According to the leaked snaphshots, it looks like this bad boy will be available on Verizon’s network at a retail price of $699. The phone will feature a 4.3″ 480 x 800 pixel resolution display, and a snapdragon 1GHz processor with LTE capability.