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Articles tagged with: satellite images

Super Moon LED Lamp, A Japanese Symbol Of Hope

A Japanese design studio by the name of Nosigner has created a 3D Lunar Lamp that is illuminated by a LED bulb. The lamp was designed to commemorate the earthquake and tsunami tragedy and looks like a beautiful full moon.

The lamp was first exhibited at a Los Angeles, California design event. The lamp is meant to replicate what the Super Moon looks like (how the moon appeared during the tsunami).

Iran Launches Rocket Into Space

Iran has successfully launched a rocket on Tuesday, that is capable of sending satellites and live animals into space. Reuters reports that the Kavoshgar-4 rocket is expected to be tested for future launches with monkey occupants, before a manned space mission.

The purpose of the launch is to test the engine’s performance, as well as the launch pad, capsule and electronic systems. The end goal is to receive…